21st Golden Daffodil Charity Ball Raised $100,000 for Canadian Cancer Society

April 7, 2018 — Golden Donation Endowment Canadian Chinese Outreach (GDECCO) held its 21st Golden Daffodil Charity Ball on April 7 at Sheraton Parkway Toronto North Hotel to raise funds for Canadian Cancer Society. Hailing the theme of “Ocean of Love”, the gala brought together some 400 guests and raised a total of $100,000.

The two Co-Chairs of this year’s charity ball, Ms. Viola Poon and Ms. Marianne Siu, attributed the success of the event to the exceptional team spirit, leadership and dedication of all who participated in making it happen.

Co-Chair Marianne Siu said the gala has been raising funds in support of Canadian Cancer Society since 1998. Over the past 20 years, it has already raised about 2 million dollars. The funds have been dedicated to support ongoing cancer research initiatives as well as raising cancer awareness in the Chinese community. She also acknowledged the generous support of event sponsor Concord Adex Development Corporation for this annual event.

Co-Chair Viola Poon said the event has been a continual success largely due to the collaborative effort of dedicated volunteers and community-wide support for cancer research. Together, we have been bringing hope, help, love and care for cancer patients. As highlighted by our theme this year “Ocean of Love”, our impact will flow on and on like waves of ocean, and our work will also need incessant support and vast resources to carry the waves forward.

The spectacular gala featured a variety of dazzling cultural and artistic performances, including a celebration of the theme with songs and dances by a group of children from Lindance Culture Communication Inc., samba dances by former Miss Chinese Toronto Gloria Li and MM Entertainment, and the majestic sounds of Royal Canadian Navy HMCS York. Alongside, there was also silent auction for all to take pleasure in bidding.

Mr. Dennis Au-yeung, Vice President of Concord Adex Development Corporation, who is also Co-Chair of GDECCO, expressed immense pleasure in being part of this meaningful event. He also thanked the team of volunteers and all supporters of this event that help make cancer history.

Ms. Laura Mullin, Development Officer of Planned Giving with the Canadian Cancer Society, congratulated the accomplishments of the annual charity ball through the years. The lifesaving progress against cancer through research and different initiatives are made possible through the continual funding support.

Lynne Hudson, President & CEO of Canadian Cancer Society, attributed the advancement of cancer treatment to the support of GDECCO. Recent breakthroughs made by researchers funded by the Society include treating lung cancer with effective vaccines that are designed and tailored to each patient, and a new cancer therapy that uses light – photodynamic therapy (PDT) – to spare patients from debilitating side effects during treatment, especially those with head and neck cancers.

Another Co-Chair of GDECCO, Mr. Bammy Wong, thanked all long-time supporters of the event, including many community leaders. Dignitaries attending this year’s gala included MP Mary Ng, MP Jean Yip, MP Majid Mowhari, Deputy Consul General Zhuang Yaodong of Consulate General of PRC in Toronto, Consul Sinning Li, City Councillors Godwin Chan, Alan Ho, Castro Liu and former Mississauga Mayor Mdm. Hazel McCallion.

Ms. Stella Li, one of the founding members of Golden Daffodil Charity Ball, summed up the success of the Charity Ball over the past 20 years as a continuous commitment of a caring and giving community. In 2009, GDECCO was established to perpetuate this community support for Canadian Cancer Society in fighting against cancer.

Golden Donation Endowment Canadian Chinese Outreach (GDE CCO)
In 2010, Golden Donation Endowment Canadian Chinese Outreach (GDE CCO) reached a partnership arrangement with the Canadian Cancer Society, whereby the Golden Daffodil Ball would be organized as an independent event by a group of volunteers.
Proceeds from the Golden Daffodil Ball and contributions from patrons would go to the Golden Daffodil Endowment Fund (GDEF) to support the mission of the Canadian Cancer Society in research, prevention, and promoting awareness of cancer. In addition to the Daffodil Ball and other fundraising events, GDE CCO also organizes cancer prevention forums each year featuring medical professionals as speakers.

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(2018年4月7日多倫多訊) 金水仙基金會為加拿大防癌協會籌募經費的第21屆金水仙慈善晚宴,於4月7日在烈治文山喜來登酒店圓滿舉行,約400嘉賓出席,並籌募得10萬加元經費。今年晚宴主題為「眾心成大愛、人間見暖流」,並邀請得潘嘉儀女士及蕭淑銘女士擔任晚宴共同主席。


潘嘉儀共同主席表示,這項活動可以持續舉辦 21年,全賴義工和社區各方凝聚力量、齊心支持癌症研究,將愛心與希望帶給患者。今年晚宴主題為「眾心成大愛、人間見暖流」,希望讓他們感受到關愛的暖流,像大海汪洋一樣,無窮無盡、長流不息。癌症研究需要大量資源來支持和配合,以及持續的努力,讓有需要的人得到幫助。

當晚各項精彩文藝表演和歌舞節目,都展現「眾心成大愛、人間見暖流」,包括舞動之星舞蹈學校一班小朋友以歌舞演繹晚會主題、前多倫多華埠小姐李珮儀和MM Entertainment 演出森巴舞、還有Band of Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship York軍樂隊演出,令晚會生色不少。晚宴更設有靜板慈善拍賣,讓嘉賓競投,共襄善舉,場面熱鬧,嘉賓盡興而歸。


加拿大防癌協會慈善發展主任Laura Mullin對是次晚宴非常讚賞,並感謝金水仙晚會多年來為該會籌得不少善款,對癌症研究及知識推廣裨益良多。

加拿大防癌協會行政總裁Lynne Hudson表示,金水仙基金會對協會的支持,直接影響到癌症治療的發展。防癌協會資助的研究之中,有多項突破性發現,以近期為例,便包括為肺癌病人提供按個人狀況設計的疫苗作為治療,以及一種採用光動力的新療法,尤其有助頭部和頸部癌症患者減輕治療期間副作用對身體功能的影響。

金水仙基金會共同主席王昆明先生多謝社區善長歷年來的踴躍支持。是晚出席的嘉賓包括國會議員伍鳳儀、國會議員葉嘉麗、國會議員Majid Mowhari、中國駐多倫多總領館庒耀東副總領事、李斯寧領事、巿議員陳志輝、何胡景、廖立輝及前密西沙加市長麥巧蓮等。


金水仙基金會(GDE CCO)
2010年,金水仙基金會(GDE CCO)與加拿大防癌協會達成協議,以一個獨立組織籌辦金水仙晚宴,並將所得善款撥入金水仙慈善捐贈基金(Golden Daffodil Endowment Fund -GDEF),用作支持加拿大防癌協會在癌症研究、預防及知識推廣的工作。基金會的成員全部為義工,除了致力籌辦金水仙晚宴及華人社區的籌款活動,每年亦舉辦防癌講座,邀請醫療專業人士主講,積極在華人社區推廣有關癌症的知識。


  • 協會投入了數以百萬元經費作為專注於華人的硏究,成功找出華人最常患的癌症類別,包括胃癌、肝癌及喉部癌。


  • 癌症資訊服務 :免費熱線電話,以多種語言(包括國、粵、臺語),為癌症患者及照顧者提供有關資訊,並提供翻譯成華語的單張。
  • 友儕支援 :一群熱心及經過訓練的義工,以小組及個別形式與癌症患者、家人及照顧者傾談,並提供所需支援,幫助他們面對各種難題。


  • 由數十位社區義工組成的接送隊伍,幫助癌症患者得以在指定地點接受治理。每年都有成千上萬受惠者。


  • 在華人社區推行了戒煙計劃及癌症檢查計劃,以提升華人向來偏低的檢查比率。