GDE History


The following provides a historical perspective of the Golden Daffodil Ball, the Golden Daffodil Endowment Fund (GDEF) and the establishment of the non-profit organization GDE CCO (Golden Donation Endowment – Canadian Chinese Outreach).


The Golden Daffodil Ball

The Golden Daffodil Ball is a signature fundraising gala initiated by the Chinese Community in the GTA area in 1998. Since then it has raised over $3.4 million for the Canadian Cancer Society by GDE CCO.

In 2010, GDE CCO reached an agreement with Canadian Cancer Society , Ontario Division, to establish a capital fund – the Golden Daffodil Endowment Fund (GDEF).


The Golden Daffodil Endowment Fund (GDEF)

The objectives of GDEF:

1. To create an awareness and pool the resources within the Chinese Community.

2. To create a legacy to support the mission of the Society.

The purposes of GDEF:

1. To support the general programs of the Society ( such as information seminars, transportation programs, peer support, regional cancer centres and lodge support as well as research funding).

2. To support initiatives by the Society Ontario Division for the Canadian Chinese community.

3. To support specific purposes as directed by the executive committee members of GDEF (such as forums, conferences, research, medical equipment or bursaries).

The GDEF allows the principal to be accumulated within the Fund, while only the income generated by the fund is used. This creates a perpetual fund for the use of Canadian Cancer Society.

Like many endowment funds, GDEF is administered by the Canadian Cancer Society in accordance to their policy and guidelines.


Golden Donation Endowment Canadian Chinese Outreach (GDE CCO)

GDE CCO is a non-profit organization made up by a group of dedicated volunteers with the mandate of raising cancer awareness in our community. GDE CCO has been an official recognized partner of the Canadian Cancer Society since the last decades to independently organize the annual Golden Daffodil Ball in the Canadian Chinese community.