Mission & Vision


To educate the Canadian Chinese community on cancer prevention and to raise funds towards cancer research


Making cancer preventable and curable


The Toronto area serves as home to a sizeable Chinese population; however, there have been limited efforts made in the past to educate the Chinese community about the risks and realities of cancer.

Golden Daffodil Ball Committee members feel that we need to increase cancer awareness in the Chinese-Canadian community. Cancer prevention and stories of early detection need to be shared. As well, support services for Chinese cancer patients and their families need to be better communicated and more readily available. In addition, funds are continually needed to support ongoing cancer research initiatives as well as to deliver health care messages.

The Golden Daffodil Ball Committee was formed with the mandate of raising cancer awareness in the Chinese community and to assist in raising funds toward the eradication of cancer through research initiatives funded by the Canadian Cancer Society .

The annual Golden Daffodil Ball is being staged because of the tremendous success of our past events. Our goal is to raise awareness of cancer-related issues, to assist the Canadian Cancer Society in reaching out to the Chinese community and to raise much needed funding for cancer research within Canada. To date, we have raised in excess of $3.4 million. All net proceeds go to the Golden Daffodil Endowment fund of the Canadian Cancer Society.

Together, we are making cancer history!